How to Drive Non-Interest Income From Your Digital Channels

Faced with mounting pressures and a low interest-rate environment, credit unions and banks are recognizing the urgent need to revamp outdated processes. The traditional model, where branch staff cross-sells additional products at the moment of highest potential value to the customer or member, is becoming less prevalent. See how CuneXus helps financial institutions put NII products back at the point of sale in a digital loan environment to resurrect a powerful non-interest revenue source.

With the CuneXus platform, we can recapture the non-interest income we were losing as the manual auto loan process became increasingly digitized. Our members benefit by being able to select GAP within the CuneXus acceptance process, minimizing the risk of owing thousands of dollars on a car they can’t use anymore in the event of a total loss. It’s a win-win for both the credit union and our member!

Jaynel ChristensenVice President of Lending, Commonwealth Credit Union

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