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Kasasa® Partners with CuneXus to Offer Kasasa Loans™ Through cplXpress Platform

By October 10, 2018Financial Lending

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 10, 2018 Kasasa®, an award-winning financial technology, and marketing provider, announced today that it has partnered with CuneXus, a provider of advanced loan acquisition and automation technology for banks and credit unions.  

Kasasa Loans™ can now be offered through the CuneXus cpIXpress platform, providing eligible consumers instant access to pre-approved Kasasa Loans™ inside their bank or credit union’s online banking website and mobile banking app. CuneXus technology allows lending institutions to automatically generate and present approved loan offers for multiple loan products, including Kasasa Loans™, based on their own credit and risk criteria and customer information. Once approved, loan offers are available 24/7/365 through a suite of digital banking integrations, marketing automation, and cross-selling applications, where and when the customer needs them.


“Our goal is to enable lenders to deliver the simple, personalized, mobile-friendly experience consumers expect,” said Dave Buerger, CEO of CuneXus. “With cpIXpress, lenders can let their customers shop, borrow and buy in just seconds–speeding up the process and creating a superior customer experience. We’re extending this service to now include Kasasa Loans™, allowing financial institutions to expand their loan options and offer something unique.”


“The most transparent loan available today, the Kasasa Loan™ is a true game-changer in lending,” said Gabe Krajicek, CEO of Kasasa. “Designed to meet consumers’ wants and needs, it puts the customer in control. In fact, 98 percent of consumers say they would refinance existing debt at the same rate for the flexibility that the take-back functionality provides.”


Krajicek continued, “This is particularly important as interest rates rise. Rates are still an important factor when shopping for loans, but the experience is quickly outpacing rates alone. By partnering with CuneXus, we’re elevating that experience and providing community financial institutions with an even greater competitive edge. Not only can they talk to consumers about something completely unique – a loan with take-backs – but they can offer a more convenient shopping experience overall through cpIXpress. As a result, institutions are much more competitive while offering something that is good for the consumer.”


About CuneXus

CuneXus is focused on data-driven lending solutions that help financial institutions optimize operational efficiency and customer experience. Its pioneering technologies are at the forefront of the transition to a new era of responsible on-demand lending and borrowing. CuneXus serves many of the nation’s largest credit unions and community banks and has generated billions of dollars in consumer loan volume. The company was named one of just ten startups to watch on KPMG’s global report of “The 50 Best Fintech Innovators”; was selected to participate in Silicon Valley’s renowned Plug & Play Fintech accelerator; was named one of 20 FinTech Forward “Companies to Watch in 2017” by American Banker and BAI; and was a finalist for “Top Enterprise Technology Company” at the 2018 Lendit Fintech Industry Awards. Visit the CuneXus website for more information:


About Kasasa

Kasasa® is an award-winning financial technology and marketing provider. Based in Austin, Texas, with 400 employees, Kasasa® helps more than 800 community financial institutions establish long-lasting relationships with consumers residing in their local markets through its branded retail products, world-class marketing capabilities, and expert consulting. The company reinvented checking and is now reinventing lending through its latest patent-pending offering, Kasasa LoansTM. Learn more about Kasasa®’s innovative products and services:

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