Perpetual Loan Approval

cplXpress empowers borrowers with personalized, perpetual access to pre-approved loans across multiple product lines and through every channel. This gives consumers ongoing insight into their personal buying power, and instant access to loans where and when they need them.

The result is an instant loan activation process that takes just seconds, delights customers and removes many of the hassles and obstacles to consumer lending:

  • Zero loan applications
  • No branch visits required
  • Eliminates fear of rejection

Comprehensive Prescreened Lending

Comprehensive Prescreened Lending (CPL) combines advanced data analytics with seamless workflow integration, enabling lenders to deliver personalized offers across multiple touch points. This creates a new level of customer awareness and access to offers, empowering consumers and ultimately driving increased engagement and loan volume. By delivering loan offers when and where customers need them lenders can:

  • Deepen customer relationships
  • Stay ahead of retailers’ loan products
  • Increase loan volume
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Reduce loan processing time
  • Increase profitability
Loan Generation by CuneXus Loan Engine

Loan Generation by CuneXus Loan Engine

CuneXus’ unique decision engine processes multiple data streams, including those from the lender’s database and from the credit bureau, to generate personalized pre-approved loan offers unique to each lender’s risk tolerance and portfolio.

Omni-Channel Marketing Delivery

Omni-Channel Marketing Delivery

The cplXpress platform manages the communication of pre-approved offers across virtually every delivery channel, offering a consistent customer experience and cross-selling opportunities at every touchpoint.

Online and Mobile Banking

Online and Mobile Banking

To compete in the digital world, ease and accessibility are paramount. Now, the product your customer needs is always just a click or a tap away, providing the ultimate in convenience, while driving significant revenue directly through your existing online and mobile banking systems.

Increase in Total Portfolio Loan Volume

Increase in Total Portfolio Loan Volume

CuneXus’ Comprehensive Pre-Screened Lending (CPL) system drives loan growth across the entire loan portfolio, including product lines that don’t typically receive the benefit of Marketing support. By driving additional loan revenue and marketing ROI from every product category, funds can be reinvested into the program to pre-approve a greater number of qualified customers.

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