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CuneXus Featured in the Press Democrat

By February 9, 2015October 30th, 2015Financial Lending

Lending Revolution

by Robert Digitale,  February 1, 2015  •   Business

An article entitled “Lending Revolution: Santa Rosa Company Pushes Loans to Your Smartphone” appeared on the front page of the Press Democrat Business section on February 1st.


Press Democrat CuneXusImagine standing on a new car lot, checking out that stylish ride you’ve long craved, when your smartphone beeps with a message from your bank.

Prompted by GPS technology, an automatic alert notes your location and reminds you that you’ve been pre-approved for an auto loan for up to $40,000, with the interest rate and monthly payments spelled out. When you scan in the dream car’s unique VIN code, the bank app even tells you the average price that other customers have paid for the same model in your area.

With a few taps, you agree to the terms and lock in the loan. Immediately you notice that a variety of other personalized pre-approved loan offers — for home equity loans, debt consolidation, tax payments and more — all have been adjusted downward to reflect your new level of indebtedness.

For those who aren’t all thumbs on a smartphone — and those who wonder how that could ever be a good thing — such a day may sound like science fiction. But a Santa Rosa financial tech company says it has developed the software needed to make such lending possible, and it recently announced a partnership that could bring its services to the attention of thousands of banks, credit unions and other financial institutions.

The company is CuneXus Solutions, and it is part of the revolution changing how consumers save and borrow money…. <MORE>


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