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CuneXus and Harland Clarke form alliance to offer “Click-to-Accept” loan solutions

By January 27, 2015September 21st, 2015Financial Lending

SANTA ROSA, CA – January 27, 2015 – CuneXus Solutions, the financial services software development firm focused on data-driven consumer lending technology, today announced a new alliance with Harland Clarke®, a leading provider of integrated marketing capabilities and strategic services to more than 8,500 banks and credit unions. The combination of Harland Clarke’s measurable marketing solutions with CuneXus’ award-winning Comprehensive Pre-Screened Lending (CPL) platform, cplXpress, offers banks and credit unions a solution that will maximize the depth of their customer interactions. This strategic relationship will ease and accelerate the lending approval process for end users.

“We are delighted that Harland Clarke has chosen cplXpress to enable personalized, automated, pre-approved lending to its customers,” said Dave Buerger, co-founder and president of CuneXus Solutions. “Our alliance makes this exciting technology available to thousands of lending institutions and millions of end users.”

The CuneXus cplXpress loan generation engine processes multiple data streams to generate personalized sets of pre-approved offers that are unique to each lender’s risk tolerance and portfolio. The platform then manages the simultaneous communication of these offers across all available channels including online banking, mobile banking, direct mail, email, and within the branch and call center, offering a consistent and engaging customer experience with “one-click access” at all touch points.

“Harland Clarke is committed to using advanced data and digital technology to enhance the banking experience across products lines,” said Mike Fay, President, Harland Clarke Marketing Services. “cplXpress provides us another cutting edge product to offer our clients, which in turn gives consumers a pre-approved “click-to-accept” loan, accelerating access to financial resources.”

Harland Clarke is a highly respected provider to more than 8,500 banks and credit unions. The business is recognized for the robust and industry-leading suite of consumer and business solutions it offers its clients in serving their customers and members.