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By March 15, 2019Financial Lending

Washington, DC — Payrailz, CuneXus, and Fiserv are the winners of’s 2019 Innovation Series. The
series explored innovations in three categories: member experience, lending, and mobile. Payrailz was selected top
innovator in member experience, CuneXus in lending, and Fiserv in mobile.

The winners were selected by credit union executives after viewing webinars in which each of 12 finalists – four in each
of the three categories – had 10 minutes to present their solution and its potential impact on the credit union industry.
Voters were encouraged to vote for the innovation they felt would have the most positive impact on their members.

Payrailz offers a smart, faster and more engaging payment experience through a “do it for me” solution that manages
bill payment and money transfer needs. The Payrailz platform helps consumers make smart decisions with their money
by monitoring and facilitating bill payment and bill negotiation, essentially eliminating the manual, time-consuming
process of making payments and moving money. As more people are turning to technology to complete everyday tasks,
Payrailz meets that need through their technology and allows consumers to worry less.

CuneXus offers a one-click consumer lending automation platform, which addresses the need for a personalized, ondemand borrowing experience by virtually eliminating the traditional loan application process. The platform provides
ultimate transparency and activates the loan in less than 10 seconds. The CuneXus solution allows credit unions to
provide their members with “perpetual loan approval”. This bypass is like no other on the market and gives consumers a
faster path to the funds they need.

Fiserv presented its CardValet Client Branded Application, a white-label app adds card alerts and controls to a credit
union’s mobile app. This empowers consumers to add an extra layer of protection to their debit and credit cards in their
wallet using an app on their phone. Fiserv’s solution creates peace-of-mind for the cardholder and fights fraud through
consumer engagement. Consumers also can customize the app by naming the app, creating an icon, and other options.

Learn more about all the finalists by visiting the 2019 Innovation Series on

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