Arizona Federal Credit Union

In this case study you will read how Arizona Federal Credit Union partnered with fintech company CUneXus to take their member experience to the next level. Even with higher than industry-average pre-approved response rates, Arizona Federal wanted to push the lending envelope. The always-on visibility of the CUneXus pre-approved loan offers not only improved the front-end experience for members, but also saw a hefty 35.9% increase in response rate, leading to a higher ROI and more loan revenue for the credit union. Click below to read their story.

The question was, ‘How can we deliver a quick, easy, ubiquitous and frictionless lending experience to our members – without trying to build it ourselves?'

Eric GivensSenior Director of Research and Development, Arizona Federal Credit Union

CAP COM Federal Credit Union

While the program results are amazing in terms of lending, this Case Study also features the incredible operational efficiencies realized by the Credit Union, and how they achieved employee buy-in from the very start of the program by going “Back to the Future”.

Thanks to CUneXus, we’ve been able to drive digital lending innovations, while also significantly improving the customer experience—these are the factors we know will keep CAP COM FCU competitive over the long term.

Cliff CarignanSenior Lending Administrator, CAP COM Federal Credit Union

Educational Employees Credit Union

EECU was CUneXus’ first client to implement cplXpress. Their first campaign launched with one simple online banking integration, before many of the bells and whistles we have today. With an ROI of more than 363% and a 50% decrease in acquisition cost per loan, these results are proof that the perpetual pre-approved lending strategy works—even stripped down to the basics.

It was like going from black-and-white to color. With cplXpress we can leverage our online banking, email, and mobile channels too. Our first loan pre-approval campaign with CUneXus was a huge success.

Michelle HernandezCommunications Director, Educational Employees Credit Union