CUneXus: The CPL Story

Most game changing ideas come from real world circumstances.

Our story is no different. In 2006, a large West Coast financial institution explored the possibility of expanding their single product loan pre-approval process into multiple products. This, they reasoned, would increase the program acceptance rate. More options = more success.

A multi-product campaign with 8 unique product offers was created and mailed to approximately 30,000 households. The mailing resulted in a response rate near 7% and a return on investment of over 5 to 1!

The proof of concept was strong. Time to make it even better. Enter CUneXus.

Our award-winning cplXpress pre-approved lending platform makes the targeting, risk assessment, visibility and sell-through of pre-approved loan offers easier and more effective than ever before:

Advanced Targeting & Risk-Based Pricing Automation
Integration with Online & Mobile Banking Platforms
Direct Mail and Email Marketing Coordination
Branch and Call Center Cross Selling Platform

This unique suite of products makes pre-approval, presentment, cross-sell and fulfillment a breeze… and can be seamlessly integrated with single sign-on authentication through virtually all online and mobile banking platforms to deliver convenient, self-service offer acceptance day and night.

See what our solution can do for you!

Comprehensive Pre-screened Lending (CPL)

A Simple, Painless Way to Increase Loan Volume Across Your Entire Loan Portfolio.

Comprehensive Pre-Screened Lending (CPL) answers the need for integration of advanced risk-based pricing automation, direct marketing communications, cross-sales tools, delivery channel management, and on-demand customer convenience. CPL’s unique process maximizes efficiency, ROI, and customer experience by utilizing customer relationship profiling and risk-based pricing criteria to pre-approve individuals for an array of loan/credit products, and by managing the communication and acceptance of personalized multi-product offers at all key customer touchpoints — online banking, mobile banking, in-branch, call center, direct mail and email.

Simply stated: CPL delivers perpetual loan approval status.

It’s smart, proactive lending strategy for the 21st century.

Under CPL Strategy, loan applications become unnecessary, with your entire portfolio of consumer loan products available to pre-approved customers at all times, at a nearly on-demand basis — empowering them to make their own product decisions, at the opportune time, based on their individual needs, desires and dreams.

Market-proven to be highly effective for over seven years, CPL continues to produce exceptional results and has received top awards and recognition from both the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) and the Credit Union Executives Society (CUES).

Our cplXpress Product Suite allows for simple, turn-key implementation of an integrated CPL origination, marketing and sales program.

The Benefits

Perpetual Loan Approval

Knowledge is power. CPL methodology empowers your customers with continuous loan approval status and personalized pricing. They’ll always know where they stand.

Customer Experience & Satisfaction

Savvy consumers continue to seek simplified processes and on-demand technologies to help save time and minimize the inconveniences of everyday tasks – CPL delivers an unparalleled experience.

Streamlined Processes

CPL answers the need for simple, seamless integration of automated underwriting, direct marketing, cross-sales tools, delivery channel management, offer acceptance workflow and tracking.

Higher Return on Marketing Expense

Low loan acquisition costs and high promotional response rates provide for exceptional ROI.

Cross-Category Product Promotion

CPL methodology enables simultaneous promotion of your entire loan product portfolio — even products that rarely or never receive the benefit of marketing support will receive powerful 24/7 promotion.

Increased Penetration

The efficiencies and cost savings realized through implementation of a CPL program allow you to extend preapproved offers to more of your customer base. Perform quarterly prescreens and extend CPL to your entire customer database… you’ve just positioned yourself as your customer’s Lender of Choice!

Proven Results

Market proven and award-winning.
And we’re just getting started…


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